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Chambers USA – 2010


One of the most complex categories of litigation for plaintiffs, defendants and the courts is the class action – a procedural mechanism created to increase the efficiency of the legal process by aggregating a large number of individualized claims into one representative lawsuit.

When it comes to class actions, Reilly Pozner is one of the few firms that represents both plaintiffs and defendants. We have developed the human and technological resources to prosecute or defend class action matters for clients across a wide range of industries.

Certification of the proposed class is usually the most important event in the case – often determining whether it will settle or proceed to trial on the merits. Class certification happens relatively early on. At Reilly Pozner, we use our trial skills to quickly prepare a strong case either for or against class certification.

Most class actions do not go to trial.  But at Reilly Pozner, in instances where class certification occurred prior to our involvement, we have been hired to try the case to a judge or jury.  We have also successfully represented individual members of class actions who “opted out” of a class settlement in order to pursue their individual claims.