Larry Pozner, Criminal Defense: White-Collar Lawyer of the Year

The Best Lawyers in America® – 2015


Our firm was established around the concept that good lawyers should best spend their time and talents representing clients in matters of importance, in matters of substantial complexity, in matters where the quality of advocacy can make a substantial difference in the outcome of the case.That philosophy is equally applicable to our criminal practice including criminal defense, white collar and business crimes.

The stakes in a courtroom can be very high – but never higher than in a criminal case where liberty is at stake. We have very strong feelings about our criminal practice. Let us tell you about them. Our criminal defense practice is not and never will be a training ground for young lawyers. Your freedom should be protected by lawyers who have done this work many times before, done it successfully, and done it with a personal commitment to the welfare of the client.

Each of our criminal defense lawyers have been dedicated to the pursuit of criminal justice for many years before they joined us. Our practice is to work as a team. We generally assign two lawyers to each case. In addition, we frequently assign an investigator to your team. In this way we better ensure that your case will be given the attention it deserves and the investigation it needs.