Progress toward a culture of inclusiveness requires the weaving together of diverse interests, backgrounds and talents.


At RP, we actively seek to create and sustain an inclusive and diverse workplace.  We firmly believe that diversity among our attorneys and staff, and an inclusive culture to support that diversity, increases our effectiveness as advocates, helps us attract and retain a broad client base, and makes the firm a more interesting, supportive and stimulating place to work.  We therefore actively seek diverse candidates who will bring to the firm and its clients a variety of experiences and perspectives.  Our awareness that women, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, GLBT individuals, and other discrete groups are underrepresented in the legal community, informs our commitment to creating and supporting a legal community that more accurately reflects and supports the diversity of our global community.

RP has an active Diversity & Inclusiveness committee that meets monthly to monitor our progress on these goals.  RP engages all members of the firm with its diversity and inclusiveness agenda by integrating these core values into all firm activities and scheduling trainings on relevant topics.  The firm also consciously crafts its processes and policies to reflect its commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.  We pay particular attention to creating a firm culture that promotes respect, sustains collaboration, and values individual differences, innovation, and productivity.

Specifically, we engage in the following activities to meet these core values:

  • Signatory and Member of the Colorado Pledge To Diversity (“CPTD”) and RP Associate Amy Gray is the Co-Chair of this Program.
  • Participation the CPTD Summer Diversity 1L Clerkship Program
  • Member of the Center for Legal Inclusiveness (“CLI”)
  • Member of CLI’s Inclusiveness Network Class of 2011
  • Member of the Colorado Bar Association’s Diversity in the Legal Profession Committee (“DILP”)
  • Partner Dan Reilly serves on the Deans’ Diversity Counsel, a group formed by the Deans of the University of Denver and the University of Colorado law schools to increase diversity in the Colorado legal community. The Deans’ Diversity Counsel is composed of managing partners and in-house counsel of prominent Denver law firms and companies.
  • Targeted recruiting to diversify our applicant pool when hiring summer associates, entry-level associates, and lateral attorneys.
  • Sponsor of and participant in the Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair
  • Sponsor of and participant in the Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Summit
  • Host of the Annual Colorado 1L Diversity Reception which welcomes the incoming local law schools’ classes of diverse students to the Colorado legal community.
  • Member of the Talent Inclusion Engagement Diversity (TIED) Leadership Roundtable.
  • Actively seek diversity in vendors that provide services to our firm through our Vendor Diversity Policy.

Finally, RP attorneys are members of local minority bar associations, including: